Nyssa Edwards

To describe my experience in one word my experience with Angel Gowns Australia would simply be magical.

My angel Clara passed away at three weeks old. Just as the world and ourselves were getting to know her. Her death was very sudden and completely unexpected.

In my grief and sorrow I reached out for someone to help me dress her in something beautiful and personal to her.

Within minutes I had been contacted by Angel Gowns Australia who not only gave me the comfort that they would like to help but the stunning handcrafted gown being made that night with so much love that Clara was there with every stitch.

She was a perfectly healthy baby, who was passing all her milestones at greater rates than expected as she knew she had to give us as many as she could to show us how capable she was.

I have found in these a lot of the clichés because they are so true. Once you have a tiny human come into your life, the world becomes a far different place, and teaches you a whole new form of love you never knew existed.

She has changed me forever, and I believe she always knew how long she had and her job was to show me how capable I can be, not only as a person but as a mother, after many years of doubt and horrible experiences.

To then lose this love is an unimaginable pain nobody should have to experience. Angel Gowns helped us in words that could never be told.

From all the bereaved mothers out there, the saying “You are not alone” has never been so true. We are NOT alone BECAUSE of many organizations such as Angel Gowns who will always be there to create some light in the direst of days.

Upon opening the parcel it bought a rare smile to my face and immediate tears on how little, and perfect it was, just like her.

From someone's most happy and special day that likely would sit in your cupboard forever, to creating many special gowns for far too many angels taken from us far too soon is the answer to the question you have after that special day?

Donate or consider donating your wedding gown to this more than worthy cause and you will know that little angels everywhere will be sending their love for making one of the saddest days so sweet.

This wondrous, completely volunteer organisation, as much as we wish didn't have to exist, is a lifeline for mothers like myself who want their precious angels to feel special on the outside as they were on the inside.